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RACE SETTINGS (Click to enlarge)

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all participants are expected to be watching the live stream!

Thank you for your interest in the 4th annual Bathurst 1.2 hour! The event will consist of  2 races and will run for 37 laps. Entry is by SIGN UP ONLY and is now closed. 


PLEASE NOTE: ​As most of you will be aware by now, bugs like getting stuck on the line/rolling start auto drive and disconnections are a very real and very prevalent problem in Gran Turismo Sport. The unfortunate reality is that it's bound to effect people on the day and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, we just have to treat it like mechanical problems that can DNF or even DNS a real racer. Having said that, if 2 or more people get stuck or disconnected at the start of the race, I will restart the server and restart the race. I will restart the races a maximum of 2 times, after that, we just race or abandon depending on the severity of the issues. This will be at my discretion so make sure you're watching the stream!


DATE: Sunday 21st February 2021

TIME:  6pm AEDT / 7am GMT

GAME: Gran Turismo Sport
TRACK: Bathurst (Mount Panorama)
LAPS: 37

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all participants are expected to be watching the live stream!

Event Schedule


RACE Entry list

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Race 2.2.JPG
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